Distributed Control System Engineering

Engineering today's modern Distributed Control System requires powerful easy-to-use tools that are well integrated together. With SIMATIC PCS 7 process automation software, you're able to conduct advanced process control, virtual commissioning and process simulation, while monitoring plant performance all from an integrated engineering system.

Single Engineering Platform

process automation engineering

Unlike other control systems, where many of the tools are bolt-on components from third party manufacturers, PCS 7 includes a complete suite of Siemens designed and manufactured tools.

Integrated Engineering

integrated engineering

Integrated planning - from plant engineering through  automation - based on a single electronic workflow.

Advanced Process Control

advanced process control

Are you tired of paying extra for APC (Advanced Process Control) capabilities? Our PCS 7 engineering station comes equipped with APC at no extra charge.

Easy To Use Libraries

Easy to use Libraries

Standardized blocks for motors, valves, controllers, and monitoring tasks are used for easy implementation of automation and process control solutions. The functions block types organized in libraries are the smallest standardized software modules.

Field Device Manager

plant asset management

Stop worrying about managing field devices from various manufacturers. PCS 7 enables you to diagnose, manage and assign parameters to a wide range of field devices from different manufacturers using a simple interface.

Virtual Commissioning (Simulation)

virtual commissioning

The steadily increasing pressure on project schedules and profitability goals in automation requre shorter setup and startup times for new production lines of plant migrations.