Special Design, for Special Uses

Equipped for Special Tasks and Conditions

Restricted installation conditions, harsh environmental conditions, or special input or output voltages – whatever the special conditions, these standard power supplies meet even exceptional requirements.

PSU100D - Low-cost power supply for wall mounting

The attractively priced PSU100D regulated power supplies can be screwed directly onto the wall. The rugged aluminum enclosure with IP20 degree of protection can be variably mounted in different positions, even in applications with high temperatures and high shock and vibration requirements. The wide-range input enables connectivity to the most diverse supply networks worldwide and ensures reliable 12 V or 24 V supply even if there are large voltage fluctuations.

SITOP PSU300B 12 V/ 20 A and 24 V/ 30 A for battery charging

The power supplies are optimally suited for battery charging because of their constant-current characteristic. For other applications the output characteristic can also be switched to latched shutdown. The three-phase wide-range input allows world-wide deployment. The compact design takes up little space on the mounting rail and requires no gaps for mounting.

DC/DC converter 12 V/ 2.5 A

The narrow rail-mounted device supplies 12 V/ 2.5 A and is connected to 24 V DC, e.g. to the output of a SITOP power supply unit. With an additional SITOP DC UPS, uninterruptible 12 V direct voltage can also be generated.

DC/DC converters 24 V/2 A

With an input range from 16.8 V to 138 V DC for supply 24 DC from battery and DC systems.

Unlimited diversity thanks to variable output

The innovative circuiting concept offers flexible setting of the output voltage betweeen 3 and 52 V. This means special voltages can also be handled by a standard device.

Electrical powering of the switching cabinet

The industrial, DIN rail device has two 15 V outputs. For electronic devices, for instance, which are powered with ±15 Volt.

The low-cost introduction to regulated power supply - SITOP PSA100E

The single-phase power supply for the basic industrial requirement of 2.5 to 12 A can be mounted on a standard mounting rail or straight onto the wall. Removable terminals make the electrical connection easy.

Flat design

The compact metal housing of the power supplies 24 V/5 A and 10 A can be accommodated where only limited installation depth is available, even in masked machine supporting frames or hinged frames.

The Class 2 variant

The output power of the rail-mounted 24 V/3.7 A power supply unit is limited to 100 W and thus has Class 2 approval.