SITOP smart

Powerful Standard Power Supply

SITOP smart is the optimal power supply for many standard applications on 12 V DC or 24 V networks. Whether 1-phase or 3-phase: they are compact, powerful and low priced. They offer outstanding overload characteristics. Thanks to the extra power feature, providing 1.5 times the rated current for 5 seconds, even large loads can be switched on without any problems.

With a continuous rated capacity of 120 percent, the slim power supplies are among the most reliable of their kind. Numerous certifications facilitate universal and global use as well as use in hazardous areas.

Essential product features

  • Single Phase: 24 VDC/ 2.5, 5, 10, and 20 A and 12 VDC/ 7 and 14 A

  • Three Phase: 24 VDC/10, 20, and 40A

  • 24 V DC/10 A wall-mounted for high shock and vibrations requirements

  • 150% extra power for short-time operating overload

  • 120% continuous overload capability up to 45 °C ambient temperature (24 VDC units)

  • Signaling contact for "Output Voltage OK" back to upper level control systems

  • Automatic range switching 120/230 VAC for single phase units & wide-range input 400 - 500 VAC for three phase units

  • Small footprint thanks to compact design with no installation clearances required at the sides

  • Adjustable output voltage from 11.5..15.5 VDC for 12VDC units and 22.8..2 VDC for 24VDC units to compensate for voltage drops

  • Extensive certification, including GL, ATEX, and Class1 Div 2

  • Expandable with DC UPS, redundancy module, and the selectivity and diagnostic module

1-phase 24 V/2.5 A

3-phase PSU300S 24 V/10 A

1-phase 24 V/5 A

3-phase PSU300S24V/20A

1-phase 24 V/10 A

3-phase PSU300S 24 V/40 A

1-phase 24 V/10 A wallmount

1-phase 24 V/20 A

1-phase 12 V/ 7 A

1-phase 12 V/14 A

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