SITOP Power Supplies in Design SIMATIC

The Optimal Power Supply for SIMATIC S7 and More

The design and functionality of the original power supplies of the SIMATIC merge optimally into the PLC network. As well as the following SIMATIC systems, they also supply other loads reliably with 24 V DC.

PM1507 Power Module for S7-1500

Design S7-1500

The new, PM1507 power modules for S7-1500 controller family is available in output currents in 3 A as well as 8 A for singe phase networks.  These power modules can be used to provide the load power to components such as the CPU, system power supplies (PS), and I/O circuits of I/O modules.  They also can be used for the supply of 24 VDC in distributed I/O systems using SIMATIC ET200MP.

Product highlights

  • Optimized for use with SIMATIC S7-1500 and SIMATIC ET 200MP

  • Input: 120/230 V AC with automatic range switch-over

  • "Extra-Power" of 1.5x rated current for 5s/min for overloads

  • High efficiencies up to 91%

  • Slim widths of 50mm and 70mm

Design S7-1200

The compact PM1207 power supply in SIMATIC S7-1200 design is only 70mm wide and requires little space in conjunction with the micro PLC. The automatic area switchover function of the DIN rail-mounted power supply unit 24 V DC/ 2.5 A ensures problem-free connection to 1-phase networks 120/230 V AC in industrial and residential areas. It can be mounted on DIN-rail or via screws.

Design S7-200

The flat power supply for the micro PLC SIMATIC S7-200 is especially suitable where installation height and control cabinet depth are restricted.

Design S7-300

The new power supplies now require even less space on the S7 rail and range switching to single-phase 120/ 230 V AC systems now takes place automatically. The connecting comb to the CPU is included in the scope of supply; an optional adapter allows the unit to be snapped onto DIN mounting rails.

Design outdoor

The 2 A and 5 A devices in design S7-300 are also available as outdoor versions and can easily handle temperatures between –25 °C and +70 °C as well as higher vibration and shock loads.


The compact miniature power supply units supply logic modules with 12 V or 24 V input and are suitable for a wide range of applications in the lower performance range thanks to their functionality and extensive certifications.