SITOP PSU8600. Integrated power supply. Complete transparency.

The quantum leap when it comes to power supplies - integration, remote monitoring and diagnostics - equipped with open communication standard OPC UA.


SITOP PSU8600 is the first power supply system that is completely embedded in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) and the TIA Portal.  It now supports OPC UA.

  • Reduce downtime with remote monitoring and diagnostics via the integrated webserver or PROFINET. Have an alarm sent if your system encounters a problem like overload or short-circuit.

  • Save costs by extending the 40 A or 20 A base unit with up to 20 total outputs – no additional wiring required with the system clip link and expansion modules.

  • Flexibility means less power supplies needed. Adjust each output independently from 5-28 V DC depending on your system requirements.

Three new base units, two new buffer modules and a whole range of new functions – the innovative SITOP PSU8600 power supply system is setting a new milestone for providing power to plants and machinery.


Discover all new features of SITOP PSU8600

The quantum leap when it comes to power supply - now even more flexible, efficient and powerful.

What's new in SITOP

Experience what's new in the SITOP PSU8600

Greater product selection, even narrower overall widths, The next quantum leap in power supply innovations.

Top integration

SITOP PSU8600 is the first power supply system that is completely embedded in Totally Integrated Automation (TIA). Not only does this facilitate especially user-friendly engineering in the TIA Portal, but also extensive evaluation of operating and diagnostics data as well as energy management functions. Not only this, SITOP PSU8600 can also be optimally integrated into existing automation networks via the integrated PROFINET communication.

Top efficiency

Thanks to its compact and modular system design, SITOP PSU8600 can be adapted to address the widest range of requirements, and when necessary, can be flexibly expanded. Also when it comes to energy saving, the system has proven to be highly efficient. For instance, thanks to its very high efficiency, by supporting PROFIenergy or by being able to be integrated into energy management systems.

Top reliability

And, when it comes to reliability: 50% extra power for short-term loads, comprehensive monitoring and diagnostic capability, integrated overload monitoring for every output as well as the ability to buffer brief power failures (up to 20 seconds) are just some of the advantages that the SITOP 8600 can offer.