SITOP Power Supply Videos

Sitop Selection Tool: Fast and easy selection of SITOP power supplies

With the SITOP Selection Tool you can select, compare and order simply and fast a suitable SITOP power supply.

SITOP UPS1600 - Easy engineering in the TIA Portal

The convenient engineering in the TIA Portal (via Profinet), easy integration of S7 user programs using function blocks and fast visualization on SIMATIC panels and PCs with pre-configured WinCC faceplates saves time and money in planning and operation.

SITOP UPS1600 - Easy configuration and monitoring with SITOP UPS Manager

The uninterruptible power supply SITOP UPS1600 offers open communication via Profinet. Using a profinet-compatible DC-UPS you can avoid the cost intensive downtimes and have complete diagnostics and preventative information to solve maintanance isssue. UPS Manager Software offers several configuration and diagnostics information for UPS1600 for various applications.

Sitop Selection Tool: Fast and easy selection of power supplies and DC-UPS

With the SITOP Selection Tool you can select and order easy and fast a suitable uninterruptible power supply (DC UPS).

SITOP compact - Extremely efficient in saving space and energy

Due to the extremely space-saving slim design, the new power supply series for the lower performance range is especially suited to distributed applications in control boxes or in small control cabinets. The power supplies are characterized by their low power loss over the entire load range. Power loss is extremely low even during no-load operation.

SITOP PSE200U Selectivity module

The SITOP selectivity module protects individual 24V load circuits from overload or short circuit. Individual load circuits are switched off reliably in case of faults, while 24V are maintained without any interruption on all error free channels.

SITOP UPS1600 - Uninterruptible Power Supply

SITOP UPS1600 is the uninterruptible power supply for reliable 24 V DC in case of power failure. The DC UPS communicates open via USB or Ethernet/Profinet and is completely integrated in Totally Integrated Automation.

SITOP DC UPS, Uninterruptible DC power supply

The SITOP DC UPS provides perfect protection against unexpected downtimes and so guarantees uninterrupted plant operation. A software supports ongoing processing of status messages, safe shutdowns, and correct restarting of your system.