SITOP Power Supplies

A prescription for reliable power

The most critical component to a healthy bottom line in manufacturing and at the heart of that system is the power supply. SITOP power supplies are installed in nearly every country and used in all types of industrial applications. Over the past 20 years the full suite of power supplies and component parts have proven their reliability and compatibility with companies large and small.

Reliable power for all automation applications

SITOP power supplies are designed for nearly every application. Whether you’re looking for a wider voltage range; protections against downtime; DC UPS; or improved instrument control, there’s a SITOP power supply to meet your business needs. Select one of our add-on components and make your automation system the healthiest it’s ever been. The expert staff at Siemens can help inoculate you against the perils of everyday automation with a solution customized for your company.

  • Increased reliability: 20 years proven in use with most major industries

  • Cost-effectiveness: First switch-mode power supply to cost the same as unregulated units

  • Global certifications: Used in over 170 countries worldwide

  • Enhanced security: Customizable power with add-on component parts

Case Studies & White Papers

Case Studies and White Papers

Learn how SITOP has improved reliability for our global customers.

Data Sheets

Data Sheets

Find the facts about all SITOP products & add-on components.



See SITOP in action, from 1993 to today.

SITOP Selection Tool

Selection Tool

Fast selection of a suitable power supply and uninterruptable power supply (DC UPS).

SITOP Family

SITOP Product Family

Learn more about SITOP’s full range of power supplies & power security components.

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