Planning Efficiency - with the click of a mouse

Fast and intuitive product selection

Siemens presents initial product highlights on its websites to ease product selection for your application. In addition, Siemens Industry Online Support provides comprehensive application examples. Please see below for an overview of configurators, the conversion tool, and the online ordering system - the Siemens Industry Mall.

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Configuring products and systems

With configurators for products and systems, you select the right components for your requirements with just a few clicks of the mouse. Product selection has never been faster, clearer, or easier:

  • Simply enter the relevant parameters and select your solution

  • Appropriate product data are provided for the configured solution, i. e. 3D models, circuit diagrams, certificates and operation instructions

  • Resulting product list can be exported to Excel or placed in the shopping basket of the Siemens Industry Mall

  • Available online in the Siemens Industry Mall and offline in the CA01 Catalog

From old to new - with the conversion tool

Every automation system becomes obsolete at some time. Replacing installed products used to involve significant time and costs. But with the new conversion tool, you can now find a suitable product more quickly and more conveniently.

  • Change from old to new, or from another manufacturer to Siemens

  • User-friendly interface enables intuitive searching

  • Just enter the order number of your current device, or a description

  • Filter according to specific manufacturers

  • Search result provides order number, current data and information to be observed when using the new product

Simple ordering - with Industry Mall

Simple selection and ordering – Siemens Industry's online ordering system, the Industry Mall, encompasses:

  • Product information with the option of product comparisons

  • Availability check and order status monitoring

  • Convenient order placement

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