Email and Phone Support

No matter how many presentations you sit through, videos you watch, or documents you read, there's no substitute for expert answers.  We're here to provide those for you. See below for some helpful resources.

Siemens product specific questions

Technical questions about Siemens PROFI-related products (PLCs, PACs, HMIs, IO devices, Step 7, TIA Portal)

Contact the Siemens Hotline at (423) 262-5711 or toll-free at 1-800-241-4453

Purchasing questions about Siemens PROFI-related products

To order directly from Siemens Customer Service, send an email to or call 888-454-4704.  Hours are 8 AM - 5 PM EST (UTC -5:00).  Orders can also be faxed to (423) 262-2337.  Credit cards accepted.

PIC support of PROFINET or PROFIBUS technology

If you have specific PROFINET or PROFIBUS technology related questions (PROFINET or PROFIBUS protocol and network support), certified training, our development products or training , ASICs or software stacks, and device or controller certification testing contact the PIC directly at or call (423) 262-2576.

The PI Organization

PROFIBUS and PROFINET specifications, test procedures, published standards and recommendations

Visit the PROFI International (PI) website

Joining PI, marketing in North America, or finding companies with PROFI-based solutions

Visit the PI North America website, or call their office at (480) 483-2456.

PROFI-related support outside the US

PROFIBUS or PROFINET support in Europe

Europe hosts several PI Test Labs, but we work most closely with ComDeC.  You can contact them via phone at +49 911 750 2080, fax at +49 911 750 2100, email at, or at the ComDeC website.

Support in Other Countries

PI supports a truly global network of Competency Centers (translation: helpdesks).  You can find the complete list of competency centers on the PI website.