Application Notes


PROFINET Security Level 1 Test FAQ - Tips and Tricks for Testing Your PROFINET Device or Controller

Date: 08/20/2013

Netload Testing (also known as Security Level 1 Testing) is mandatory before submitting your PROFINET device or controller to a PI Test Lab for PROFINET V2.3 testing and certification.  This application note covers some common stumbling blocks for setting up the test scripts and validating your results.

Version: 1.2


Siemens PROFINET I/O Starter Kit: IDE Description, Setup and Troubleshooting

Date: 12/04/2012

The EB200 is an evaluation board for the ERTEC 200 PROFINET I/O ASIC and comes with an Eclipse-based IDE/toolchain for in-system debug and programming.  This Applicaiton Note acts as a supplement to the bundled documentaiton, covering the IDE architecture, dependencies, and troubleshooting strategies.

Version: 1.0


08/30/2013 | Author: Kyle McMillan