On-Demand Training

From installation to network design to product development, we can provide training for your team tailored to meet your needs.

Developer Training

While our certified PROFItech courses are aimed at a broad audience, we also offer device-developer specific courses for both PROFINET and PROFIBUS.  These classes are taught both here in our offices or at your location, as requested.  These classes are intensive, immersive experiences designed to bring a development team up to speed on PROFINET or PROFIBUS communications and best practices.  The labwork can be used as the groundwork for developing a new PROFI-based device, while the concepts can be used to implement a device on an existing platform.

This course is tailored to the students' needs and background, and as such run from 2-3 days with variable pricing.  Email us for more information.


Our PROFINET Developer's class covers the critical areas for planning, executing, and maintaining PROFINET support on a device.  Key topics are:

  • Defining the scope of a PROFINET project (conformance classes, supported profiles, etc)

  • How PROFINET state machines work and common software and hardware stack features

  • Configuring vendor and device variables for PROFINET

  • Building and validating a GSDML file

  • Implement basic I/O with both physical and virtual modules

  • Coverage of the PROFINET certification test suite

  • Read more in our class brochure


We offer device-developer specific courses for PROFIBUS based around the Siemens PROFIBUS ASICs and development kits.  Though the underlying bus technology is different, PROFIBUS development is quite similar to PROFINET development in the planning and design phases.  Coursework includes these topics:

  • Defining the Scope of a PROFIBUS project (DPV0 vs DPV1, application profiles, etc)

  • Overview of the Siemens PROFIBUS development kit

  • Creating a GSD file for system configuration

  • Example slave device implementation

Installer Training

Our installer training is offered for maintenance or plant workers who have little prior technical knowledge of field bus systems or networks.  Offered both here at our Johnson City, TN facility and at your location, these one-day courses can be expanded to cover additional topics like maintenance (1.5 days) and system commissioning (2 days).  Minimum of 8 students per class.


The PROFINET Installer's class gives an overview of Ethernet Networks and their components, covers the installation of a PROFINET Network, and discusses common problems and troubleshooting techniques. Among other things, the hands-on part of this course teaches students how to make PROFINET Fastconnect cables and use a cable tester.  Up to 12 students per session.

Key course goals:

  • Ethernet Infrastructure (network components, switch features, PROFINET topologies)

  • Installation (cable handling and protection, cable spacing/separation, grounding, installation rules)

  • PROFINET Cables and Connectors (cable types, connector types, making cables, using cable testers)

  • Troubleshooting (common problems, checklists)

  • Advanced Topics (as requested)


The PROFIBUS Installer's course gives an overview of PROFIBUS network operation and characteristics and covers the theory, practice and common pitfalls of PROFIBUS DP network installation. This is a hands-on course with a major portion of the time spent building and debugging real PROFIBUS systems, both Copper Wire and Fiber Optic. Attendees are given an overview of alternative connection strategies including IR and Wireless. They will learn how to lay out and install PROFIBUS networks and how to use diagnostic tools and on-device diagnostic LEDs to detect faults and identify their causes.

Key course goals:

  • DP Technology Overview

  • PROFIBUS Basics

  • RS485 (Copper Wire) Installation

  • Fiber Optical Installation

  • Additional Transmission Media

  • System Design

  • System Maintenance

  • Advanced Topics (as requested)

Rapid Response: On-site Troubleshooting and Analysis

Our PROFINET and PROFIBUS experts are available for on-site troubleshooting and network analysis. Whether you have problems with an existing network or a new system - we are here to help with our experts and tools.  We are based in Johnson City, TN.

Pricing and Availability

All of our courses can be hosted at either our site in Johnson City, TN or at your facility.  And we can come to you if needed for onsite troubleshooting.  Contact us at PIC.industry@siemens.com for pricing and availability

12/12/2012 | Author: PROFI Interface Center