SIRIUS ACT Configurator

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Intuitive configuration of your individual command and signaling devices

SIRIUS ACT is ready for online with an intuitive product configurator. Enclosures and labeling can be combined individually and to suit specific application needs, and graphics-based component selection with a drag and drop function and selection preview, making it easier than ever to select and order the product you need. Using the automatically generated CIN number, you can order your enclosure configuration at any time again without the need to enter additional data. The configurator also offers you the complete set of documentation, including exploded drawings and terminal diagrams for downloading.

SIRIUS ACT configurator

This video will introduce you to the intuitive operating concept of the SIRIUS ACT configurator and the advantages it offers you.

Get to know the SIRIUS ACT configurator step by step:

1. Choosing the type for configuration

First choose the components you would like to configure:

Actuators and indicators

  • Use this variant to configure complete command points for front panels.


  • Use this configuration to create complete customized enclosures in only a few clicks.

Single components

  • Use this configuration when looking for individual accessories or components such as actuators, modules or holders.

2. Defining default settings

Use defaults to automatically pre-assign recurring properties in later configuration steps. This saves you both time and effort when configuring your selection.

3. "What you see is what you get"

Whether you are adding new command points to your configuration or choosing suitable accessories - the configurator will always display a preview of your current selection. You can select individual components in this view. You can also move previously configured command points by dragging and dropping, or copy and reinsert them elsewhere.

4. Customized labeling

Be it an actuator or a sign - you can label your components to suit your needs with the integrated labeling tool. Simply select a symbol or a standardized text or upload your own graphics. The labeling tool provides you with a diverse range of options. The preview shows you exactly what the finished selection will look like.

5. Results view

The results view shows you an overview of all components you have put together with the configurator. Also available:

  • Access to documents such as a product list

  • Access to CAx data or link to the CAx Download Manager

  • Prices

6. Convenient reordering - thanks to CIN

A CIN (configuration identification number) is automatically generated at the end of your individual configuration process. With this unique number, which incidentally also appears on your enclosure, you can reorder your specific design again at any time.

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