Solid-State Relays Single-Phase 45 mm

Siemens - 3RF20

For use in conventional setups, we also offer the solid-state relays in 45 mm overall width. This enables replacement of solid-state relays in existing setups. They support top connection of the power supply line and the load. As with the 22.5 mm version, this version also allows space-saving connection of the control line.

Depending on the characteristics of the cooling surfaces, the working capacity of the relay extends up to 88 A resistive load. The key outstanding features of this device are its simple assembly with only two screws and the special technology of the power semiconductor.

Advantages at a glance

  • Safe from finger-touch without accessories

  • Simply replace conventional solid-state relays

  • Butt-mounting option

  • Space-saving wiring of the control circuit

  • Excellent values for blocking voltage

  • Simple fuse protection due to generously designed power semiconductor