tiastar™ Standard MCC

tiastar Standard Motor Control Center (MCC)

tiastar motor control centers represent a rugged, time-tested and proven design. The low-voltage motor control center has a modular, open architecture with many features and options tailored to meet your specific needs. It is combined with the unmatched breadth of Siemens component offerings that allow us to meet any requirement on time, on budget, and in spec.

  • Safer and sturdier design – Heavy-gauge steel is used for framing and side panels. Sections are separated by 14-gauge steel barriers that are formed to provide rigidity and durability.

  • Smallest footprint – With high-density MCCs, customers can save up to 50% unit space.

  • Advanced integrations of drives – With the availability of the SINAMICS G120 drives in our MCCs, customers can now take full advantage of the benefits of variable frequency drives.

  • Seismic compliance – tiastar MCCs meet IBC 2012 seismic requirements with IP = 1.5 and SDS = 2.0gc requirements with IP = 1.5 and SDS = 2.0g.

High Density Units/ Buckets in tiastar MCCs

High-density units

Optional high-density units offer up to 10% weight reduction and 25% smaller footprint (compared to standard units).

Motor Control Center Horizontal Bus Section Easy Accessibility

Horizontal bus section

The entire bus assembly is kept in the top 12" of the vertical section providing easy accessibility for faster maintenance.

Plug-in Units/ Buckets in Standard Motor Control Centers

Plug-in units

From swing plate-mounted terminal blocks to robust handling and locking mechanisms, each plug-in unit refines ease-of-use and flexibility without sacrificing power or safety.

Siemens Standard MCC Insulated Vertical Bus Assembly

Vertical bus assembly

Optional isolated and insulated vertical bus reduces the risk of arc-fault propagation.