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tiastar™ arc-resistant MCC

tiastar Arc Resistant Motor Control Center

tiastar arc-resistant motor control centers set new standards in enhancing the protection of your most valuable assets. It is the first IEEE C37.20.7 compliant arc-resistant motor control center with UL-witnessed testing. It is designed to decrease the risk of exposure to arc-flash incidents to better protect your personnel, capital investments, and operations.

  • UL-witnessed - The first of its class that adheres to IEEE C37.20.7 standards with UL witnessed testing.

  • Dynamic arc-flash sentry - Now available in tiastar MCCs, this technology from our Siemens WL main breakers can reduce the arc-flash hazard category for the motor control center.

  • 6” high-density units available in arc-resistant MCCs - Siemens is the first company in the market with this option.

  • Arc-resistant technology - Siemens has incorporated advanced technology and strengthened structural design to improve the safety potential of MCCs.

  • MLO permitted for arc-resistant MCCs - With our innovative arc-resistant MCC design, there is no requirement of having a main breaker or a current limiting device inside the MCC.

Arc Resistant MCC with Auto Shutter

Automatic shutter

The barrier automatically opens and closes to allow the insertion or removal of units, while also isolating the vertical bus to prevent inadvertent contact.

Arc Resistant MCC with Internal Venting

Internal venting

Holes in the vertical wireway channel the gasses to the back and out the top of the MCC.

Arc Resistant Motor Control Center with Protection Plate

Protection plate

Protection plates for vented doors allows the inclusion of electronic starters and variable frequency drives in arc resistant MCCs.

Arc Resistant Motor Control Center with Reinforced Structure

Reinforced structure

Extra hinges, stronger latching systems, and a reinforced cabinet ensure the equipment can withstand and contain the pressure from an internal arcing event.