Standard catalog offering

The cataloged tiastar™ offering includes popular types of structures, units, and other options.  The simplified ordering process is streamlined to allow standard catalog numbers to be entered directly into our online ordering tool for fast delivery.

Standard Structures/ Panels

The fast shipping cataloged tiastar™ structures offering includes the most popular structures and enables them to be ordered by standard part numbers. These standard catalog structures will include fixed-mounted feeder circuit breaker, blank section, mounting panel, main lug only, and main circuit breaker vertical sections.

Standard Units/ Buckets

The fast shipping cataloged tiastar™ units offering includes popular combination types of units.  These will include common plug-in full-voltage, non-reversing (FVNR) and feeder circuit breaker (FCB) units. In addition, we also offer other standard options, such as pilot device kits.