tiastar™ motor control centers

Siemens tiastarTM industrial motor control centers (MCC) combine time proven designs and components with the latest in technological advances to meet any application. No matter how customized your needs may be, you can be assured that you are getting a finished product that represents the state-of-the-art in low voltage motor control technology.


tiastar Standard Motor Control Center

The rugged, reliable, time-tested tiastar standard MCC will allow you to be on time, on budget, and on spec in any application every time.


tiastar Smart Motor Control Center

Siemens tiastar smart MCC provides the most advanced industrial communication solutions to meet any application.


tiastar Arc Resistant Motor Control Center

Siemens tiastar arc-resistant MCC is the most innovative solution geared towards holding the integrity of the MCC in an arc flash event.

18-pulse drive

18 Pulse Drive Motor Control Center

Siemens tiastar MCC with integrated 18-pulse ac drives technology-- a simple, clean power motor control solution to meet any application.

Aftermarket and replacement

Aftermarket and Replacement Parts for Motor Control Center

Siemens supports a full line of replacement components, renewal parts, and aftermarket units to maintain your MCC's value and use.

Standard catalog offering

Standard Catalog Motor Control Center

The fast shipping cataloged tiastar offering includes popular types of MCC structures, units, and other options.

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