18-Pulse Drive MCC

Simple, Clean Power Solution

Motor Control Center 18-Pulse AC Drive

Introducing Siemens tiastar™ Motor Control Centers with integrated 18-Pulse AC drives technology- a simple, clean power motor control solution. With a modular, open architecture design, the tiastar™ MCCs are rugged, time-proven and have many features and options to meet the needs of water/wastewater application. Engineered with integrated components to reduced line harmonics, tiastar™ MCCs does more than simply meeting IEEE 519 requirements, offering the highest level operating efficiency while reducing your energy consumption and downtime.

Clean Power

  • 18-Pulse Drive integrated into tiastar Motor Control Centers line-up

  • Compliance to IEEE 519

  • 18 pulse diode converter bridge

  • High efficiency (low losses) results in energy savings

  • Integrated clean power patented phase-shifting transformer

Modular Design

  • Electrical equipment and harmonic mitigation in one package

  • Wide range of options

  • Based on SINAMICS G120 Platform

  • Common Horizontal Bus

  • Eliminate remote mounting of individual components

  • Easy integration with Smart MCC