System Connections for PG/PC

The SIMATIC NET PC communications processors offer the following advantages:

  • CPs for PCI, PCI-104, PCI Express and USB interface

  • CPs with or without an internal microprocessor: They offer flexibility depending on the resource requirements in the PC.

The SIMATIC NET PC software offers a wide range of products for industrial communication and features the latest PC technology trends.


Particularly suitable for industrial use in PCs that require smaller quantity structures and for the connection of engineering software to controllers and field devices. The range of interfaces permits the ideal version to be selected depending on the application.

Recommended for

  • Configuration tools (e.g. STEP 7)

  • PROFIBUS diagnostics station

  • PROFIBUS systems with small quantity structure

  • Operation with a protocol


Operation of large network configurations over high number of connections and the possibility of using multiple modules in a PC. Versions with two PROFIBUS interfaces for simultaneous master/slave operation on a card.

Product selection and ordering

Recommended for

  • PC-based control systems

  • Process control systems

  • Operator control and monitoring systems (HMI)

  • PROFIBUS systems with large quantity structure

  • Simultaneous use of multiple protocols

  • Use of several CPs in one system