Network Components

Active network components for PROFIBUS are optical media converters and bus terminals

Network Components

PROFIBUS network components always offer a suitable transmission media for any application.

Network components are subdivided into network components for:

  • Electrical networks

  • Optical networks

  • Combined networks

These are hybrid structures comprising an electrical and an optical network. The transition between both media is implemented by the OLM (Optical Link Module).


Active network components for PROFIBUS are optical media converters and bus terminals

The electrical network uses a shielded twisted-pair cable with circular cross-section as standard type for data transmission.

  • with PE or PUR sheath

  • in halogen-free design

  • for underground laying or for use with tow chains

  • especially for applications in hazardous areas

With the PROFIBUS FastConnect system, the PROFIBUS copper cables can be assembled quickly and easily on site.

The terminals are connected either by means of bus terminals or bus connectors. Using repeaters, several bus segments can be switched in series. Apart from the FastConnect system, there are other components for electrical PROFIBUS networks:

  • DP/DP coupler

  • Repeater

  • Bus connector

Apart from the electrical networks (RS485), there are also the electrical networks for PROFIBUS PA


In both indoor and outdoor optical networks data is transferred using fiber optic cables. These contain glass or plastic fibers and use trailing cables or a halogen-free design. Siemens’ PROFIBUS OLM (optical link module) and OBT (optical bus terminal) provide the essential components for a PROFIBUS optical network in a linear, star or redundant configuration

Multiple Potential Applications

The PROFIBUS OLM and OBT bus terminals allow optical networks to achieve transfer rates as high as 12 Mbit/s regardless of the range.
Potential applications include deployment with high EMC levels; networking among multiple buildings; in networks with mixed electrical and optical PROFIBUS segments; and in long-range networks such as those used in transportation tunnels or traffic control systems.