The IO-Link concept

More than just another interface

Together for uniform quality

IO-Link is the smart concept for standardized linking of switching devices and sensors to the control level by means of an economical point-to-point connection. The communication standard was developed by the IO-Link Consortium – a group of leading providers of automation products that have come together to support the new concept in all areas of control, sensor, and actuator technology.

IO-Link at the fieldbus level enables centralized fault diagnostics and localization down to the sensor/actuator level. Because parameter data can be modified dynamically direct from the application, the devices can be adjusted to the prevailing production requirements during operation.

The requirements for integrated communication are increasing. At the same time, sensors and actuators are becoming more and more intelligent. This is where the IO-Link solution from Siemens goes that extra distance in the process, with data transparency from the field level to the highest automation level, and with an increasing number of IO-Link-enabled products. As an open interface, The IO-Link can be integrated into all common fieldbus and automation systems. Thanks to data access right down to the lowest field level, plant availability is increased and the engineering overhead is reduced. Consistent interoperability ensures maximum protection of investment. This also applies in the context of existing machine concepts for continued use of sensors without an IO-Link interface.

IO-Link enables automatic integration of measured values for energy data management systems without additional installation costs. This makes it easy to determine and subsequently analyze energy consumption and fluctuations right down to the field level.