AS-i Link for ET 200SP


Modular design

A minimum configuration for an AS-i Link consists of the following components:

  • An ET 200SP head module (ST or HF)

  • An AS-i master: CM AS-i ST

Thanks to the modular design, you can easily form an AS-i F-Link from an AS-i Link by plugging the fail-safe F-CM AS-i safety module to the right without any additional wiring.

Multiple networks, to expand the scale for example, can now be easily implemented by plugging additional CM and F-CM modules.   Up to 62 standard slaves or up to 31 safe AS-i slaves can be connected to each AS-i network.

Maximum configuration

With the ET 200SP ST head, up to eight standard or up to five fail-safe AS-i networks can be connected.

With the ET 200SP HF head, up to 43 standard or up to 29 fail-safe AS-i networks can be connected.

With a CM AS-i ST AS-i master for the ET 200SP, up to 62 AS-i sensors and actuators, i.e. up to 496 I/Os per AS-i network, can be connected to the SIMATIC ET 200SP.


The configuration of the AS-i Link (standard and fail-safe) is similar to that for the SIMATIC controller with STEP 7 or in the TIA Portal:  Configuration of the SIMATIC and the AS-i network with a single software package.

SIMATIC Safety Integrated News

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