Safety Monitors

The "Basic" safety monitor and its expanded version monitor the safe information transmitted via AS-Interface. In case of safety circuit interruption or safety sensor faults, the monitor switches the system to a safe state. It thus acts as bus-based safety relay. The AS-i network's standard structure can be further used without restrictions.
The safety monitor is configured via the ASIMON PC software. Responding to various input signals can be defined via the software's graphical user interface.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Detection of safe sensors via ASIsafe

  • Disconnection of safe actuators via the integrated safe relay outputs

  • Support of autonomous safety functions independent of the superior control

  • Compact design with 2 integrated safe relay outputs

  • 2 enabling circuits (2-channel) up to PL e / Cat.4 / SIL 3

  • Graphical parameterization via the ASIMON software

  • Integrated ON and OFF delay, pulse function, extended RAM

  • Integrated filter function for bouncing protective equipment

  • Support of rapid device replacement without software via synchronization cable