F-Adapters for Emergency STOP comanding Devices

The AS-Interface F-adapter serves the connection of an EMERGENCY-STOP commanding device of the 3SB3 range to the AS-Interface bus system in accordance with ISO 13850. The F-adapter is suitable for commanding devices with front panel mounting.

The F-adapter features a safe AS-Interface slave 2I and is snapped onto the EMERGENCY-STOP commanding device (operating element) from behind. The extended version 2I/1O comprises one output for the control of an indicator light with LED.

Depending on the respective version, connection to the AS-Interface bus cable is realized by means of the screw-type, spring-loaded or insulation piercing connection system. Addressing is realized via the AS-Interface connection or via the integrated addressing socket.

The adapter meets safety level PL e / Cat.4 / SIL 3.