Modules with Special Functions

We offer an extended range of modules for functions such as ground-fault detection, overvoltage protection or counting functions.

Communication Modules

Communication modules for PCB mounting in degree of protection IP00 facilitate the realization of individual solutions for 4I/4O or 4I applications. Numerous integration options are available. Upright and horizontal mounting with conventional connection via solder pins is supported. Also communication modules suitable for mounting with comfortable card edge board-to-board direct connectors for easy plug connection are available.

Counter Module

The counter module facilitates the evaluation of pulses which even exceed the clock frequency of AS-Interface. The counter value is incremented by one with every valid count pulse and transferred to the control in regular intervals.

Ground-Fault Detection Module

The AS-Interface ground-fault detection module can be employed for compliance with the requirements of EN60204, unless the new generation of IP20 power supply units with integrated ground-fault detection is already employed. This module of the SlimLine range facilitates the reliable detection and signaling of ground faults in AS-Interface systems.

Overvoltage Protection Module

The overvoltage protection module protects downstream AS-Interface devices or individual system sections in AS-Interface networks against conducted overvoltages which may be caused by switching operations and distant lightning strikes.