Solid State Contactors

Solid-State Contactors, 3-Phase

SIRIUS 3RF24 Solid-State Contactors, 3-Phase

The 3-phase zero-point switching solid-state contactors are especially used for 3-phase applications.

With just five versions, they cover the current range from 10 to 50 A and are available as 2- and 3-phase controlled versions.

The 2-phase controlled version distinguishes itself as a result of having the lowest power loss; the 3-phase version can be used when all three phases must be switched in operation.

The wide control voltage range from 4 to 30 V facilitates operation in digital controls (PLCs) or simple temperature regulators.

Advantages at a Glance

  • Space-saving assembly thanks to slim design

  • Range of connection systems (screw terminal, spring loaded terminal, ring-cable lug connection)

  • Simple plug-in connection of control cable

  • Suitable for use in switching circuits with protective or functional extra-low voltages

  • Safe from finger-touch without accessories