Funtion Modules

Funtion Modules for Contactors

The function modules for mounting onto contactors enable the assembly of starters and contactor assemblies for direct-on-line, reversing and wye-delta starting without any additional, complicated wiring of the individual components. They include the key control functions required for the particular starter, e. g. timing and interlocking, and can be connected to the control system by either parallel wiring or through the IO-Link point to point wiring system or with AS-Interface.
SIRIUS 3RA2811/12/16 Function Modules

The function modules facilitate the assembly of starters and contactor combinations for direct and star-delta start-up. They comprise all important control functions required for the respective feeder – e.g. timing and  electric interlocking function. The function modules, which act as timing relays, can be rapidly and easily  mounted on SIRIUS contactors – without laborious wiring. They support contactor switching both with ON and OFF delay.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Reduction of control circuit wiring

  • Prevention of wiring faults

  • 24 – 240 V AC/DC wide voltage range for control supply voltage and contactor coil control

  • Reduced testing costs

  • Realization of control-independent timing functions

  • Space savings in the control cabinet (compared to a separate timing relay)

  • No additive protective circuit required (integrated varistor)

  • Automatic preference circuit with star-delta function modules for further reduction of current peaks

  • Assembly of star-delta starters, including timing function and electric locking, without additional wiring

  • Approvals in accordance with IEC, CCC, UL and CSA standards

Function Modules for 3RT2 Contactors

  • 3RA28 and 3RA29 for discrete wiring of DOL, reversing and wye delta contactors and starters

  • 3RA27 for connection via IO-Link

  • 3RA27 for connection via AS-Interface

  • The SIRIUS function modules for AS-Interface and IO-Link enable the control connection of starters and contactor assemblies for direct-on-line, reversing and wye-delta starting. Significant wiring reduction is a key benefit with these technologies while getting starter status to the control system.