Infeed Busbar System

Manufacturers are always looking for ways to lower costs by building controls systems with high quality equipment. Saving time and space helps to reduce those costs.

Siemens has developed an innovative product which supplies and distributes power to protect and monitor motors and other electrical components. Whether it is for motor starters, circuit breakers or load feeders, our modular infeed busbar system is easy to use with no need for wiring.  Instead of using time-consuming wiring and tagging motor starters, components snap together onto a bus with plug-in connectors. The SIRIUS 3RV29 infeed busbar system distributes energy supply with screw-type connections and spring-loaded terminals in S00 and S0 sizes.

Hear it from our customer, Henry Filters, a manufacturer of industrial liquid filtration systems. Henry Filters was able to cut material and labor costs, while saving cabinet space. Read more from NEMA, electroindustry magazine. On a typical three-door panel for a job at Chrysler, Henry Filters estimated a savings of 30 hours.

Watch the video below to see how easy the infeed busbar system is to use.