Starters & Contactors - NEMA: CAD Drawings

Note: If you do not have CAD software, you may download the free Autodesk DWG TrueView to view the DWG files.
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STEP Files

Non-Reversing Starters, Class 14

Class 14 DWG Files

Class 14 DXF Files


Reversing Starters, Class 22

Class 22 DWG Files

Class 22 DXF Files

Two Speed Starters, Class 30

Class 30 DWG Files

Class 30 DXF Files

Non-Reversing Contactors, Class 40

Class 40 DWG Files

Class 40 DXF Files

Reversing Contactors, Class 43

Class 43 DWG Files

Class 43 DXF Files

ESP200 Overload Relays



A1 Frame d70683

ESP200 A1-Frame

A Frame d70682

ESP200 A-Frame

B Frame d70684

ESP200 B-Frame

All of the drawings are front view. Some product folders contain multiple views in addition to front view. We offer drawings in DWG or DXF format for downloading. The DWGs are scaled 1="1" in inches, and are compatible with AutoCAD Rel.14 and up. The DXFs are also scaled 1="1" and are compatible with any program which will import DXFs. All of the drawings were designed to be used within Panel Drawings. Proximity switches are set to the minimum extrusion allowable, and should be adjusted to desired extrusion, and grip length set to the thickness of the material used in the panel or device.

All drawings contain multiple layers as follows:

Layer 1 = Front View
Layer 2 = Footprint and mounting holes
Layer Back = Rear View (Pilot Devices only)
Layer Centers = Mounting Pattern and Center lines
Layer Name = Drawing name
NOTE: The DXF format is text based and most browsers will default to displaying the file's contents in the browser window rather than downloading the file. FILENAME FORMAT: [model ID].[dxf/dwg]

For example, the filename for a dxf side view of the Size 3 Starter w/ESP Overload '14HS' would be 14HS.dxf