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Building and improving on past successes, self-powered ESP200 overload relays are a revolution for both industrial and construction applications. These overload relays provide accuracy unmatched in the market. With repeat accuracy of greater that 99%, trips can be set to the most specific conditions, resulting in both longer motor life and cost savings. The ESP200 solid state overload relay is so simple to configure. Just set the FLA dial to match the FLA of the motor nameplate and set the DIP switches per the faceplate engraving. No software or manuals are required. If replacing your existing ESP100 with the new ESP200, no modifications  to the contactor, enclosure or MCC compartment are required.

The ESP200 is a replacement to the ESP100 versus an addition to the ESP100.

Try it now: The ESP200 Interactive Product Demo

Get a close up, hands-on experience with the new ESP200, today. Our demo allows you to kick the tires, get behind the wheel, and take the new Overload Relay for a test drive -right on your desktop. Fasten your seatbelts!

ESP100 to ESP200 Upgrade Guide

Determine the new ESP200 catalog numbers replacing existing ESP100 catalog numbers. This interactive guide covers the following products:

All Class 48, 958 and 958L solid-state overload relays

  • All open and enclosed NEMA starters utilizing the Class 48 solid-state overload relays