NEMA Starters and NEMA Contactors

Siemens. Leading the Industry With the Largest Selection of NEMA Starters

NEMA Starters

Siemens is leading the industry with the largest selection of NEMA Starters. Typical applications include use with machine tools, air conditioning equipment, material handling equipment, compressors, hoists and various production and industrial equipment, as well as in demanding automotive applications.

NEMA starters are ideal for applications requiring dependability and durability. These starters are built rugged to withstand the most severe and demanding industrial and continuous duty commercial applications in the industrial and construction markets. This includes standard full NEMA sizes and motor matched half sizes exclusive to Siemens. Starters are available as open and enclosed with electronic and bimetal overload protection, as well as a wide selection of accessories and spare parts.

You choose the application, we've got the starter

Non-Reversing NEMA Starters

Non-Reversing Starters, Class 14

Combination NEMA Starters

Combination Starters, Class 17 and 18

Reversing NEMA Starters

Reversing Starters, Class 22

Combination Reversing NEMA Starter

Combination Reversing Starters, Class 25 and 26

Two Speed NEMA Starters

Two Speed Starters, Class 30

Combination Two Speed NEMA Starters

Combination Two Speed Starters, Class 32

NEMA Contactors

Non-Reversing Contactors, Class 40

Vacuum NEMA Contactors

Vacuum Contactors, Class 40

Reversing NEMA Contactors

Reversing Contactors, Class 43

NEMA Accessories

Accessories, Modifications and Heater Elements