Manual Motor Starters and Switches

Manual Motor Starter

A manual starter is a motor controller whose contact mechanism is operated by a mechanical linkage from a toggle handle or push button which is in turn operated by hand. A thermal unit and direct acting overload mechanism provides motor running overload protection. Basically, a manual starter is an “ON-OFF” switch with overload protection. Siemens manual starters and switches are used in many applications for local control of equipment in the industrial or construction markets, such as operating power saws, pumps, fans, conveyors, blowers, packaging, sorting and other machinery. These starters are UL listed and CSA approved. Siemens offers a variety of manual starters for various applications.

  • Class SMF

  • Class MMS and MRS

  • Class 11 3RV

Class SMF fractional horsepower starters provide On-Off control for small single phase motors up to 1 HP AC or up to 3/4HP DC. It also can operate two speed AC, single phase, one or two poles motors.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Continuous

  • Overload trip assembly

  • Two speed starters

  • Heater elements to protect motors from overload currents

Class MMS and MRS manual motor switches and manual reversing switches are designed to operate single or three-phase AC DC motors. Overload protection should be provided externally. Applications for two speed motors can also use these switches.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Continuous current rating 30 amperes at 250 volts max, 26.4 amperes at 277 volts, 20 amperes at 600 volts max, 30 amperes resistive at 600 volts max

  • Two Speed - Class MRS

  • Reversing - Class MRS