Lighting Contactor Solutions

lighting contactors

Lighting Contactors

Siemens offers a comprehensive line of heating and lighting contactor products and a wide range of control solutions for lighting applications.

Contactors can be used individually for simple control schemes or as integral components in full-featured lighting control systems. Siemens contactors for lighting control provide reliable and efficient means of local or remote switching of lighting as well as non-inductive loads. The rugged construction, heavy-duty ratings and a wide selection of control options and accessories makes the Siemens lighting and heating contactors the right choice for your applications.

Electrically Held Contactors

Class LE

Those Contactors are used in applications where it is not critical that the contacts remain in the closed position during loss of control power. Simplicity and compact lightweight design makes these contactors an attractive solution to your budgeting challenges.

Electrically held lighting contactors

Class LC

 This class of lighting contactors deliver unprecedented versatility in application, simplicity in configuration and performance in operation. Ingenious design, rugged construction, and a host of truly useful features make them uniquely appealing.

Mechanically Held Contactors

Class CLM

are used in applications where it is critical that the contacts remain in the closed proposition during loss of control power. These contactors do not change state and disconnect power from the load during a loss of control power whether momentary or sustained. That is because the operating coil is not required to be continuously energized.

Since the coil is not continuously energized, energy is saved and coil hum is eliminated. This makes the contactor ideal for applications where quiet operation is critical.