Monitoring relays for residual current monitoring

Residual current monitoring relays are employed for the monitoring of residual currents which may lead to insulation problems in systems due to humidity or severe contamination. In order to reliably exclude such risks, the application of a 3UG4825 residual current monitoring relay in combination with a 3UL23 summation current transformer is recommended. Based on adjustable limit or warning threshold values, the relay generates a warning already before the limit value is reached and ensures reliable disconnection after a certain delay time upon exceedance of the limit value.

The 3UG4825 monitoring relays feature an IO-Link interface for the transfer of digital measured values to the control.

Advantages at a glance

  • Global applicability thanks to wide voltage range from 24 V to 240 V AC/DC

  • Measuring range from 30 mA to 40 A

  • Variably adjustable threshold values for warning and disconnection

  • Freely parameterizable delay times and reset behavior as well as connectable fault memory

  • Permanent indication of the actual value and fault diagnostics via display

  • High flexibility and space savings thanks to the converter's assembly outside the control cabinet