Advantages at a glance

Time and space savings:

  • Customary screw-type and modern spring-loaded connection systems for rapid and reliable wiring

  • Rapid commissioning thanks to menu-guided parameterization and actual value display for limit value determination

  • Reduced space requirements in the control cabinet thanks to a consistent width of 22.5 mm (3UG4)

  • Direct mounting on SIRIUS 3RT2 contactors (3RR2)


  • Parameterizable monitoring functions, delay times, reset behavior, etc.

  • Reduced warehousing thanks to minimized variance and large measuring ranges

  • Wide-voltage power supply units for global applicability

High system availability:

  • Device replacement without renewed wiring thanks to removable terminals

  • Reliable system diagnostics thanks to actual value display and connectable fault memory

  • Rapid diagnostics thanks to conclusive fault messages on the display

  • Connection to the control via IO-Link