EcoClean Case Study - Automotive OEM uses 3RR2 monitoring relays to reduce downtime costs.

SIRIUS monitoring relays feature freely parameterizable threshold values and adjustment options, and can also provide conclusive diagnostics. Hear more from our customer, Ecoclean, a  global supplier of robotic washers for the automotive industry. Read case study here. After installing 3RR relays, Ecoclean gained operating insights for condition-based maintenance, preventing bottlenecks and disruptions.

Versions are also available with IO-Link interface for connection to the control. Find out more: Monitoring relays are available for the following applications:

Time and space savings:

Customary screw-type and modern spring-loaded connection systems for rapid and reliable wiring

Rapid commissioning thanks to menu-guided parameterization and actual value display for limit value determination

Reduced space requirements in the control cabinet thanks to a consistent width of 22.5 mm (3UG4)

Direct mounting on SIRIUS 3RT2 contactors (3RR2)

Parameterizable monitoring functions, delay times, reset behavior, etc.

Reduced warehousing thanks to minimized variance and large measuring ranges

Wide-voltage power supply units for global applicability
High system availability:

Device replacement without renewed wiring thanks to removable terminals

Reliable system diagnostics thanks to actual value display and connectable fault memory

Rapid diagnostics thanks to conclusive fault messages on the display

Connection to the control via IO-Link

Watch how the multi-phase current monitoring relays now integrate with IO-Link:

Prevent overheating with 3RN1 Thermistor Motor Protection

Thermistor motor protection relays provide decisive advantages wherever current-dependent protection by means of circuit breaker or overload relay does not offer the perfect monitoring solution: In some cases, mostly as a result of external effects, overheating can occur without being detected by the thermal image in the circuit breaker or overload relay. Examples include heavy-duty starting (e.g. centrifuges), operation with frequency converters or frequent switching, braking operations or impeded cooling, due to a dirty environment.

3RS1 Temperature Monitoring Relays       

The temperature of solid, liquid and gaseous media represents the most frequently measured parameter in industrial applications. Not least because of this fact do SIRIUS temperature monitoring relays serve as the ideal devices for system protection. They monitor process temperatures just as reliably as the temperature inside control cabinets or motors – if required even with up to three sensors at the same time. Analog and digital versions are available to suit various requirements.

Analog and digital versions are available:

Watch how the temperature monitoring relays now integrate with IO-Link: