SIRIUS 3RR2 Monitoring Relays

for direct mounting on contactors for multi-phase current monitoring

The 3RR2 monitoring relays not only serve the monitoring of motors or other loads, but additionally also facilitate optimum current monitoring of the entire system or driven process. This for example allows for the early detection and signaling of load shedding or motor overloads. The 3RR2 monitoring relay for current monitoring is directly integrated in the load feeder. It is simply plugged onto the contactor. Also available with IO-Link connection.

Advantages at a glance

  • Direct mounting on 3RT2 contactors, i.e. no additional wiring expenditures in the main circuit

  • Optimally matched to the technical characteristics of 3RT2 contactors,
    no separate current transformers required

  • 2- or 3-phase current monitoring, apparent or active current monitoring

  • Display of actual value and status signals

  • Easy determination of threshold values thanks to direct reference
    to actually measured values

  • Only one device is required for motor monitoring along the entire
    torque curve

  • Monitoring for cable breakage, phase failure, phase sequence, fault
    current as well as motor blocking