Coupling Relays and Signal Converters    
When standard controllers with their standard inputs/outputs reach their limits, coupling relays and interface converters come into their own. A wide selection of coupling relays and interface converters is available for the electrical isolation of I/Os and PLC inputs and outputs, signal amplification or reproduction as well as conversion to different voltage levels or signal forms. We offer the appropriate solution for all requirements.

Coupling Relays (3RQ3)

Slim + Compact

  • For optimum use of space in the control cabinet

  • 6.2 mm width / requires little space on the DIN rail

Interface Converters (3RS70)

For analog standard and universal signals

  • For analog signal transmission to a PLC

  • Measuring instruments in a control cabinet door ++

Coupling Relays (3RQ2)

Overvoltage and EMC protection of controllers

  • Permanent wiring due to removable terminals in screw-type or spring-type connection system

  • Labeled terminal covers permit simple assignment during wiring

  • In industrial housing

Power Relays (3TG10)

Solution for performance range below S00

  • For confined spaces (width only 36 mm)

  • Flexible installation/ position independent

  • For switching large loads: high power rating (20A/400V AC) ++