SIRIUS 3RQ3 coupling relays

featuring a slim, compact design with semiconductor output

Coupling modules are available either with conventional relays or as a semiconductor version. Semiconductor couplers offer some significant advantages over relays: the electronic components are extremely reliable and have a very long service life. All-in-all, the input coupling module is superior both in terms of technology and price. When considering output couplers, the question "relay or semiconductor?" should be answered by taking into account the requirements concerning switching capacity and the number of operating cycles. If a relay has to be replaced just once during the complete service life of a machine, then a semiconductor coupler will already have paid for itself.

Advantages at a glance

  • Extremely long electrical service life

  • Extremely high contact reliability

  • High DC switching capacity

  • Short switching times

  • Integrated wire jumper option using connecting comb for jumpering identical potentials

  • Large number of switching cycles

  • Noise-free switching