SIRIUS 3RS17 Interface Converters

Standard signal and universal converters

Advantages at a glance

  • Minimum width

  • Easily adjustable universal converters

  • Converters with frequency output

  • Full calibration of all areas

  • Integrated range, the ideal solution for every application

  • Integrated manual-automatic switch with setpoint generator

  • Short-circuit-proof outputs

  • Protection against damage caused by faulty wiring up to 30 V

Passive converters

Passive converters do not require any supply voltage as their required energy is supplied
via the analog signal.

2-way isolation

With 2-way isolation, the input is galvanically isolated from the output. The "zero potential"
of the supply voltage equals the potential which the analog output signal refers to.

3-way isolation

With 3-way isolation, all circuits are galvanically isolated from each other, i.e. input, output and supply voltage have no equipotential bonding.