3RS70 interface converters

Standard signal and universal interface converters

The advantages at a glance

  • Space-saving design

  • High-quality, modern titanium gray design

  • Look is consistent with all other Siemens devices in the control cabinet

  • Simplified logistics and inventory management thanks to reduced device variance resulting from exclusive use of 3-way isolation

  • Slim, compact design: width of just 6.2 mm and low enclosure depth/height

  • Low space requirements on the mounting rail – for flat control boxes and control cabinets with short gaps between tiers

Passive converters

Passive converters do not require any supply voltage as their required energy is supplied
via the analog signal.

3-way isolation

With 3-way isolation, all circuits are galvanically isolated from each other, i.e. input, output and supply voltage have no equipotential bonding.