30mm Push Buttons

Class 50 Overview:

Standard duty control stations are used with magnetic controllers to start, stop, reverse, or adjust the speed of applicable motors.  These 30mm push buttons come pre-enclosed in stations holding between one and three controls.


Styles Available

  • Flush and Surface mounted types

  • Enclosures with 1, 2, or 3 push button options

  • Selector Switch (2 or 3 positions)

  • Mushroom Head Operators

  • Indicator lights: red or green


  • NEMA 1, 1B, 4 (Enclosure Protection)

  • NEMA A600, B600 (Contact Blocks)

  • UL Listed File #E22655

  • CSA Certified - #LR6535

  • IP10 & IP56 rated

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