Small Push Button Switch

3SB2 Series Overview:

The 3SB2 IEC push buttons and indicator lights are provided for front plate mounting and rear connections.  Offered in both round and square designs, these 16mm push buttons are perfect for use with flat contactors or with solder pins for direct connection to printed circuit boards.


Styles Available

  • Illuminated or Non-Illuminated

  • Tab Connection or Solder Pins

  • Flat and Raised Buttons

  • Selector and Key Operated Switches (momentary or non-monetary 2 and 3 positions)

  • EMERGENCY-STOP mushroom (EN 418)

  • Indicator Lights


  • IEC 60947-5-1 (Short-Circuit Protection)

  • IEC 60947-5-5 & IEC 60204-1 (E-STOP)

  • IEC 60 760 (Connections)

  • IEC 60 529 (Degree of Protection)

  • IEC 60 068 (Shock Resistance)

  • IP 00 (Contact Block Connection)

  • IP 40 (Switchrooms of Contact Blocks)

  • IP 65 (Actuators/Indicators)

  • IP 67 (Actuators/Indicators with Protective Cap)

  • UL Listed #E44653

  • CSA File #LR12730

Basic Technical Information

  • Push Buttons and Contact Blocks are rated up to 10,000,000 operating cycles

  • Illuminated Push Buttons are rated up to 3,000,000 operating cycles

  • Climate-proof: suitable for use on board ship

  • Non-Illuminated or LED devices used -25°C to +70°C (incandescent upper limit +60°C)