Digital tools for your control panels.

Control panel builders are facing changes in their work because of the digitalization trend, but this should be exciting, not draining.  Siemens offers you digital tools to make your work fun and help you make smarter decisions in selecting, laying out and shaping your control panel.

The volume and complexity of the information needed for any project is constantly increasing so your data must be reliable and available throughout the entire engineering process. That’s why we make our data available for download...from a range of portals.

Intuitive product selection

Fast and intuitive product selection

Universal product data

Universal product data for your CAE and CAD system

Individual documentation

Simplified compilation of project specific documentation

Comprehensive support

Support 24/7 around the globe

Interactive panel demo

Learn more about the products we offer through this interactive demo.

Control panels animation

The animation is based on two control panels; one built conforming to the IEC standard and the other conforming to the UL standard.

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