Tip: Do it in 3D! Get faster and more efficient design with 3D data.

Integrated Control Panels

The manufacturing of control panels and system cabinets incurs high expense and wastage when it comes to the wiring and mechanical processing of the cabinets. 3D planning offers a solution in terms of optimizing the work steps and avoiding the unnecessary waste of excess cable. For this purpose, the EPLAN offering includes the Pro Panel software, which facilitates the 3D planning of control cabinets.

What does it offer you?

  • The calculation of cable lengths down to the nearest millimeter

  • Accurate dimensioning of the control panel

  • Display of necessary cutouts and holes

  • Stored mounting points simplify the assembly of individual components

What connection information is available in the EPLAN macro?

Apart from the purely 3D data, other helpful technical information is stored directly in the article macros of the Siemens devices. For example, you will find information in Pro Panel about the connections of the article to support the auto-routing function. In addition to the description and design of the connections, the global wiring diagram also stores their position in three-dimensional space as well as their routing direction. With the help of these specifications, the necessary cable lengths can be calculated to the exact millimeter directly in EPLAN on the basis of the wiring diagram project.

In addition, these values can be exported to a cable assembly machine in order to guarantee standard-compliant wiring to the exact cable length. You can show the cable-laying direction and connection designation directly in 3D by selecting View → Connection Directions or Connection Designations.

3WL10 Connections
3WL10 air circuit breaker with superimposed direction/designation of connection

What holes and cutouts are necessary for assembly?

Apart from the wiring diagram, you will also find a drilling template in the Siemens article macros. These contain valuable information about the number, position and size of necessary drill holes on the mounting plate or door cutouts. This information can also be exported from EPLAN to a machine / robot, enabling all necessary drill holes to be transferred automatically to the mounting plate. You can make this visible in EPLAN by selecting View → Drill-hole view.

3VA molded-case circuit breaker with drill-holes
3VA molded-case circuit breaker with drill-holes shown.

Tip: Some articles have more than one possible mounting surface. Before placing them in EPLAN, use the Tab key to toggle between the stored versions.

3LD2 switch disconnector wit hthree different mountin surfaces
3LD2 switch disconnector with three different mounting surfaces

Do you need more technical specifications, such as power loss or cable cross-sections?

Then use our CAx Download Manager. This enables you to request our CAx data automatically, such as certificates, documentation, product master data and much more, for a number of articles at the same time. When your download is ready, you are notified by email containing a link to your individual download. Select the type of information "Product master data" if, for example, you require cable cross -sections or other technical specifications.

All necessary power loss data for control panel devices can be found in the Siemens Industry Online Support Portal.

How do I use accessories in EPLAN Pro Panel?

On many accessory parts and basic units, mounting points are stored in the macros. These support you when assembling two components in 3D. In this way, the risk of errors can be minimized and precise placement is made possible.

Mounting Point of the 3RV2 circuit breaker
Use of a mounting point of the 3RV2 circuit breaker