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Integrated Control Panels

In electrical planning, a wide variety of information is required for the products that are used. Sometimes it is a technical data sheet in order to get the right dimensions for a product. Sometimes a certificate is required in order to guarantee consistent verification. In each case, it is a matter of downloading additional documents or graphic files for a product.

Fast access to the required data and a speedy download are important in order to save time. Siemens offers support in the form of the CAx Download Manager. This makes the compilation and downloading of important documents faster and more efficient than ever before.


How can I download documentation and technical data for numerous articles at the same time?

Use our CAx Download Manager. This enables you to request different kinds of data, such as certificates, manuals, 3D data and much more, for a number of products at the same time. Simply copy an existing list of products and paste it in your download request, export from the TIA Selection Tool, or upload your parts list directly to the CAx Download Manager as an Excel file (csv format). The wizard then guides you step by step in a user-friendly procedure through the selection of the data types and languages and, once you have specified a job name, it creates your individual download package. This service is available to you free of charge.

CAx Downloadmanager - CAE data and documents at the touch of a button

Configure your own download!

How many articles can I request at one time and how do I receive the data?

You can request as many as 1000 articles simultaneously. The time taken depends on the number of articles and the types of data selected. As soon as your download package has been compiled, you receive e-mail notification with a corresponding download link.

Which types of data and formats are available?

Via the CAx Download Manager you can download all relevant engineering data formats at the same time. These are:

  • 2D dimension drawing (DXF)

  • 3D model (STEP)

  • Internal circuit diagram (DXF)

  • EPLAN macro (EDZ)

  • Data sheet (PDF)

  • Manual / operating instructions (PDF)

  • Characteristic curve (PDF)

  • Certificate (PDF)

  • Product photograph (PNG)

  • Product master data (eCl@ss, CSV, XLS, ECAD)