Integrated Control Panel Engineering

The easy way to optimize control panels

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Siemens Engineering Tools and Standards providing Expertise and Knowledge

Expert know-how on control panel standards

Understand how to apply NEC, UL, CSA, IEC, and EU standards and directives for industrial control panels.

Tools and data for digitalization in control panel engineering

Stay ahead of the competition with tools and data to optimize control panel engineering and design.

Siemens panel builder program product portfolio

Aligned product portfolio for the entire control panel

Benefit from an aligned product portfolio with tested combinations and global certifications.

Are you facing more and more challenges when it comes to building industrial control panels? Cost pressures are rising, deadlines to deliver are tightening, standards are changing, and the trend towards digitalization is growing.

To remain competitive for the long term, control panel builders will need to adapt with a strategy to overcome these challenges. With an expert understanding of the relevant control panel standards, as well as their changes, panel builders can ensure market acceptance and compliance. Having the right digital tools and data will allow for more efficient engineering, greater cost competitiveness, and decreased time to market. Finally, an aligned product portfolio will ease control panel assembly and increase overall quality and performance.

Our comprehensive approach, Integrated Control Panels, provides panel builders with expert know-how, tools and data for digitalization in engineering, an aligned product portfolio, and the support you need to meet these challenges. Find out below how partnering with Siemens for Integrated Control Panels can ensure your long term success. Want more information? Get in contact with one of our experts.

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