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Integrated Control Panels

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U.S. Standards

Learn more about the relevant U.S. standards, and recent changes, for industrial control panels including NFPA70, NFPA79, and UL508A.

International Standards

Understand the IEC standards and European Union directives for control panel design and construction for export into international IEC markets.

Canadian Standards

Canadian standards for industrial control panels have undergone significant change since 2016. Learn more about the new standards here.

Are the collection of standards and directives for industrial control panels, and their recent changes, a challenge for you to keep up with? With standards and directives being regularly supplemented or revised to keep pace with rapidly changing technology, it can be difficult to ensure you are meeting the latest requirements. Expert know-how from Siemens keeps you informed of the latest changes, and how they impact your business, so that you can stay in compliance and ahead of the competition. Learn more about U.S., International, and Canadian control panel standards from our expert written white papers and technical guides. For more information on control panel standards, or for personalized control panel standard consulting, contact one our experts.

Count on Siemens as your trusted partner for control panel standards and directives

There are numerous organizations involved in the development of standards and directives for industrial control panels worldwide. To stay competitive, it is important to know which standards are relevant for your control panel build, recognize your responsibilities, and understand how to effectively apply the standards and directives into your design.

Benefit from our many years of experience and learn how to effectively implement industrial control panel standards and directives . As a member of the relevant standards committees and associations, we offer first hand experience and keep you up to date at all times. With expert know-how, tools and data for digitalization in engineering, and an aligned product portfolio from Siemens, understanding and applying the relevant industrial control panel standards has never been easier. Contact one of our experts for questions on control panel standards.