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Definite Purpose (DP) Contactor

Siemens discontinued the manufacturing of our Definite Purpose products effective July 31, 2011. Please see the links below for information to assist you in additional information regarding Definite Purpose Contactors.

Definite Purpose (DP) Product Information

Additional information to assist you with DP contactors is listed below.

The Siemens family of Definite Purpose products included:

  • Class 16 DP Starters

  • Class 42 DP Contactors (1 & 2-pole)

  • Class 45 DP Contactors (2, 3 & 4-pole)

  • Class 49 Accessories

  • Class 75D Parts

DP Suffix Database

The Siemens DP suffix database is for informational purposes only. Siemens has obsolete/phase out the DP Controls Business in July 2011. For questions regarding this product line please refer back to the DP Legacy website and please do not call Customer Service for presale questions.


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