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Cyber-protection for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is here today.

With cybersecurity a rising concern, ITS stakeholders often focus on how cybersecurity technology will improve in the future and the direction it will take. Policy makers, planners and elected officials who represent towns and cities considering an ITS may even weigh the benefits of making such an investment today against the possibility that a foolproof cybersecurity technology will emerge that shields their ITS from harm. However, the time for taking action in the networked world of ITS is now.

Safeguarding Operational Technology Against Cyber Threats in a NERC CIP Environment

Operators across numerous industry verticals are migrating their ICS networks from serial communications to Internet Protocol (IP)-based communications.  The integration of OT and IT networks offers significant enhancements - remote monitoring, remote control, performance, reliability and other operational advantages - along with threats. For critical infrastructure industries such as Electric Utility, Oil & Gas and Intelligent Transportation Systems, a sound defensive strategy, including an Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), is a must. This paper explores how to best protect property, society and people from cyber threats.

Safeguarding Sophisticated Operational Technology from Cyber Threats

To protect critical infrastructure from advanced cyber threats, defense-in-depth strategies need to be augmented by an early warning system designed specifically for industrial networks and associated operational technology. This paper discusses the use of SNOK intrusion detection system (IDS) to combat sophisticated threats.

Securing Industrial Control Systems

The challenge, and a common-sense solution across numerous industry verticals as they are increasingly migrating from serial communications to Internet Protocol-based communications with the convergence of OT and IT networks.

Building a Wireless Network on Private Broadband Wireless

This versatile and under utilized wireless networking technology can be a practical and economical approach for your broadband coverage applications.

WiMAX, WLAN and Cellular Networks

How rugged wireless technology can reduce costs in oil and gas production to improve asset utilization and operator profitability.